My Story

My journey into becoming a Homeopath

It was only by chance that I discovered homeopathy.  I had been on the contraceptive pill for years and it was increasingly wreaking havoc with my hormones, my periods were all over the place and it was making me very teary and snappy.  The GP had told me I would just have to put up with it as every pill made me feel this way, my friend suggested I see a Homeopath. I had run out of conventional options so I booked an appointment. 

I found the consultation refreshing, the Homeopath really took the time to go through all of my symptoms and medical history.  The appointment was not rushed and I felt listened to and understood for the first time in a long time.

Over the course of several sessions, my Homeopath helped me to detox from the various pills that I had been prescribed, my periods became more regular and best of all I felt calmer and more in control of my emotions. Now much of my practice is based on detoxing women from hormonal contraceptives and helping to restore balance to their hormones and periods.

Homeopathy also made me realise the importance of natural health and enabled me to analyse what I was putting into and on my body. It proved a catalyst for my passion for finding natural solutions and products for myself and my family and most of all I was so impressed that I decided to train to become a Homeopath myself.

My qualifications & previous work

  • Licentiate of the Contemporary College of Homeopathy (2009-2013)
  • Degree in Education & Sociology BSc Econ (Hons) – Cardiff University (2003)
  • Previously worked in the Education, Charity and Banking Sectors
  • Additional CPD undertaken in Women’s Health (2014), Treating Children (2014), Teenage Hormonal Health (2015), Chronic Fatigue (2018), Homeobotanicals (2018), Hayfever (2018), Acne (2019) and much more.
  • I am Registered with the Alliance Of Registered Homeopath’s and fully insured.
  • You can read testimonials of what my clients say after working with me here

A little bit about me

  • I am mum to 3 lively boys
  • I love green tea and chocolate
  • I am passionate about a natural approach to health and nutrition
  • I always have a daily vegan smoothie
  • I’m a bit of a homebird with a strong desire to travel the world
  • I love festivals, especially Glastonbury (well before children anyway!)
  • I believe spending time with your girl friends is good for the soul