Homeopathy for Acne

Acne is extremely common, affecting around 85% of teenagers and can often continue into adulthood.

Sadly despite it being so common it doesn’t diminish the huge impact it can have on your emotional wellbeing, self esteem, self-confidence and mood.  Many feel the need to cover up with make up, and feel extremely self conscious.  

Often having tried the plethora of creams and lotions on the market, some of which can actually cause skin peeling, redness and soreness. Even the more natural tea tree based products have been known to cause skin reactions in some, they aim to strip excess oil out of the skin but often have the reverse effect of the body producing more oil.  

Some even resorted to antibiotics, the Pill and Roancutane which all have side effects and often just mask the problem and the acne comes back when the medication is stopped.   Homeopathy offers a kind, holistic and structured approach which supports the body whilst tackling acne. 

What causes acne?

Increase in androgens, e.g. during puberty (stimulated oil glands)
Bacteria – staphylococcus and propionibacterium

Hormonal acne

Hormonal acne tends to be around the mouth, chin, jawline and lower cheeks. Our hormones naturally fluctuate with our cycle, for teenagers it can take some time for hormones to settle and with an increase in androgens acne is common. 

Stress can also have a huge impact on our skin due, it is a vicious circle with those that are prone to acne as they often feel anxious, low and stressed which in turn has more of an impact on the skin. 

During life’s changing cycles such as puberty, periods, peri-menopause and menopause our estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels fluctuate which can cause acne. Those with PCOS often find they have acne too, again due to excess androgens.

Post pill acne is also common.  The pill will clear acne whilst you are on it as the synthetic estrogen and progestins suppress sebum production (skin oil).  Once you come off the pill the result can be even more oil than ever before as your body withdraws from the sebum suppressing drugs.  Plus as your ovaries are kicking into action again there will be more androgens produced which compounds the problem.  It can take some time for your hormones and skin to settle down after coming off the pill. 

Acne is worsened by: 

Antibiotics (affects gut health)
Diet (too much sugar or junk food for example)
The pill (masks the problem)
Hormonal fluctuations
Harsh skin products 

How Homeopathy helps

With homeopathy we look to treat the root cause of why you are getting acne i.e. are there hormonal changes, stress, did it start after being on the pill and so on? We would look at your full medical history as well as anything else going on for you currently.

I would also seek to understand the emotional impact that this is having on you.  Feelings of shame, anxiety and low mood are common for some. I use a mix of homeopathic remedy prescriptions and also targeted Homeobotanical Herbs with my acne clients. 

There are Homeopathic remedies which can help with:
Clearing skin
Emotional triggers
Excess oil production
Balancing hormones
Gut and liver health

Other natural protocol’s to try
-Reducing sugar and highly processed foods
-Cut down on dairy products
-Zinc supplement
-Eat plenty of cruciferous and green leafy veg
-Look after gut health and liver health
-Probiotics, especially if you have taken antibiotics
-Use more natural, good quality skincare products
-Drink plenty of water daily
-Berberine – a natural antibiotic and found in some Homeobotanical herbal blends
-Incorporate daily calming practices such as yoga, mediation and walks in the fresh air 

If you can relate to any of this blog then please do get in touch and book a free 30 minute discovery call or alternatively sign up to my newsletter.

In my clinical experience it takes about 4 months of monthly homeopathic consultations and prescriptions plus the use of targeted Homeobotanical herbs to help acne, depending on the individuals case and health history. 

Helen x