What is the role of Oestrogen?

Oestrogen is a feel good hormone, but unlike the more calming Progesterone it makes you feel more adventurous and confident when you have it in the right amounts. It is a hormone that you want to use and then loose (through the gut and liver) however, as having too much or too little can lead to several issues which I will explain in more detail below.

Oestrogen has several important functions including:
-maintaining a healthy period
-maturing ovarian follicles
-healthy libido
-thickening lining of the womb
-essential for healthy ovulation
-protective for heart and bones
-aiding healthy teenage hormonal development

Symptoms of excess Oestrogen & how to naturally balance 

Too much Oestrogen has been linked with:
-weight gain
-loss of libido
-fertility issues

How to naturally lower Oestrogen:
– Do more sweat inducing activities such as hot yoga and running
– Eat more fibreous foods such as broccoli, cauliflower and sprouts
– Reduce stress as excess cortisol is linked to excess estrogen
– Cut down on Xenestrogens. These chemicals mimic estrogen in your body and are found in the plastics that we cover our foods in and non-natural self care products for example.
– Eat less processed foods and drink less alcohol. Your body can’t effectively metabolise estrogen out of your body if its trying to deal with refined carbs and alcohol
– Prioritise sleep as its an important hormone stabiliser, we need to have the right amounts and for it to be good quality too.

Too little Oestrogen and how to increase levels naturally

Too little oestrogen has been linked to:
-irregular periods
-mood swings
-ovulation issues
-low libido
-delayed puberty

Tips on increasing your levels: 
– Do calming actives such as yoga, pilates and meditation
– Incorporate small amounts of Phytoestogens into your diet. These are found in flax seeds, tofu, lentils and some vegetables
– Vitamin E has been shown to help symptoms associated with low estrogen
– Cut down on refined ‘white’ carbs, there are some links between gluten intolerance and estrogen
– Avoid caffeine and soda’s laced with caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee and herbals teas could be a good replacement.
– Increase magnesium intake with Maca, Espom salt baths and a good supplement

Homeopathy naturally balances hormones

And of course through individualised Homeopathic prescriptions I have helped ladies deal with symptoms of excess or too little Oestrogen such as PMS, irregular periods, mood swings, anovulatory cycles and more. Depending on how long you have had your hormonal imbalance for, it is likely that you will need a series of appointments to get to the root cause of your issue and bring you back into balance again.

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