Every parent has been up all night with their baby trying to help them deal with the pain of teething. Some common signs that your baby is teething include drooling, chewing and chomping on everything in sight, red gums, crankiness and lots of crying! My youngest was suffering last week, so I thought I’d share my top three remedies to use with your teething tot. Luckily cuddles from mummy and homeopathic remedies helped to soothe my son in no time.  Homeopath Portishead

Pulsatilla – this remedy is the one to help get my youngest settled when he is teething.  This remedy is good for children that are clingy, demand attention and need to be cuddled constantly through their pain.  They cry and are miserable unless you are giving them all of your attention, often they need to be taken outside in the fresh air to feel better.  One dose of Pulsatilla settled my wee man in 10 minutes and he then slept through the night!

Chamomilla – this is the most common remedy for teething, a lot of parents buy it in little sachets that can be poured straight in to their child’s mouth from the pharmacy. Often parents are astonished when they realise that it is a homeopathic remedy that they have been buying to help ease their child’s discomfort. My eldest was a classic chamomilla baby when he was teething, symptoms include being very angry about the whole situation, very irritable from the pain and hard to comfort and appease. Green diarrhoea is also a common side effect for the chamomilla teething baby. Often one cheek will be red and their symptoms are worse between 9pm and midnight.

Belladonna – this is a good remedy if your child also has a fever from teething, both cheeks may be red and feel burning hot as their pain is so intense. Their fever may come on suddenly and they can be a little delirious with dilated pupils.  Their symptoms are worse at 3pm or the middle of the night. You will know to give this remedy if their symptoms are intense, red, hot and throbbing.

Generally 30c potencies are given but your homeopath or pharmacy may be able to give you some 200c if your child’s symptoms are really pronounced.  I always recommend to my clients to buy remedy kits from a homeopathic pharmacy such as Helios or Ainsworths.  These kits are great as they can be used not only for teething but also things like colic, fevers, stings, constipation, colds and flu and so on.  The homeopathic remedy kits get used weekly if not daily in my house!

Until next time, stay healthy!