…Homeopathy for labour

Yes that’s right, as I know from first hand experience, homeopathy is great to use during labour! Lots of mum’s to be put in their birth plan that they want to have as natural a birth as possible, but as those of us that have been there before know, it can be daunting planning for the birth of your child (even if you have done it before). Each and every birth is different and we never quite know what to expect, but there are certain things that you can do to help prepare yourself for labour.  Homeopath Portishead Bristol

I had two children within the space of 18 months (phew that was tiring!) and I planned both of their births meticulously, but both were very different and neither went exactly according to plan.  With both of them I used homeopathic remedies during pregnancy (homeopathy is a safe and natural complementary medicine for use during pregnancy) for things like migraines and morning sickness. I also used homeopathic remedies during labour and a lot postnatal on myself and my babies (healing, mastitis, colic).

Birth preparation
When I was pregnant I read lots of books and websites, joined birth board forums (where I soon realised that other mums to be love to share their horror stories)!  One book that I read which really helped me was Maggie Howells ‘Effective Birth Preparation’, quite simply this book is a must read for any expectant mother. It explains that us women should not fear childbirth, our bodies are designed to do it and it is only fairly recently in terms of human evolution that the medical establishment have ‘medicalised’ what should essentially be a natural process. Of course there are situations and circumstances for medical intervention, but for the most part we can do it, we really can!

Active birthing classes and homeopathy
I also went to active birthing classes that were taught by Emma Walters of Lazy Daisy North Somerset and Bristol http://www.mybumpmybaby.co.uk/ (I highly recommend these classes!) Emma taught active birth movements to help progress labour and relaxation and breathing techniques to help us feel calm and in control of the process. The breathing techniques were especially useful to me and really helped me feel on top of those contractions.

Of course I prepared a kit of homeopathic remedies to take into the labour ward with me plus a (laminated!) crib sheet for my husband to tell him which remedies to give me and when.  For example there are remedies for fear during childbirth, pain management, to help speed things up and to help deliver the placenta naturally. I’m so glad that I had my homeopathic remedies with me as I knew that I really did not want an epidural or pethadine so it was reassuring for me to have these as a natural back up for most situations that can crop up.

Natural childbirth? 
As I said earlier, although I planned every detail of my (first) birth at Southmead Hospital it didn’t quite go to plan; my little chap got into distress and his heart rate dipped so I had to go to theatre to have a ventouse delivery (hooray for the Doctors and Midwives here!).  The homeopathic remedies really helped me stay calm throughout this process and helped me heal from the bruising and stitches after much quicker too.

My second birth went much more according to plan, this time I opted for a stand-alone midwife led unit with no hospital attached (I was determined that I WOULD get the natural birth that I dreamt of first time around!).  I had my second son at Cossham in the birthing pool with an amazing midwife in attendance and used nothing but homeopathic remedies (not even gas and air!) and calm breathing techniques to help me through the whole of the 27 hours of contractions! I did need stitches again after but the remedies were great and really helped heal me much quicker than is the norm.

Homeopathy for childbirth classes
I am passionate that women should feel empowered and in control when they go into the delivery room.  I therefore offer workshops (either to groups or 1:1) called ‘Homeopathy for Labour’.  It is safe and non-toxic for both mum and baby, may help you get through the various stages of labour such as transition much more calmly and with fear and moving things along if they are taking a long time.  Added to this remedies can be used alongside conventional medicine if the need arises and may help you recover from the birth much quicker.  Please see my ‘Workshops’ section for more details and feel free to contact me for more information.

Until next time, stay healthy naturally!

Helen x