Physical wellbeing

I think we have all seen the government guidelines by now and all become a little bit obsessed with washing our hands 🙂

I am using natural hand washes to protect my hands from drying out and cracking, antibacterial ones don’t protect against virus’s in any case, the important thing is to wash them well. 

The more fresh fruit and vegetables we can eat at this time the better, just eat as much fruit and veg as you can, it will do wonders for your health.  In fact I’m planning on buying some seeds to get my veg patch going again, times like these make you realise we need to be more self sufficient don’t they?

Nuts, seeds avocados and green leafy veg are good sources of protein but if you eat oily fish and eggs these are good sources too.

I have been upping my supplements of Vitamins C and D, probiotics are essential for a healthy gut.  Zinc is also great for boosting the immune system. 

Get out for as much fresh air as you can, this will give you a boost of Vitamin D and also be great for your physical and mental wellbeing. 

I have been giving my family drops of the immunity boosting homeobotanical blend, there are also blends for coughs and colds, viral protection and boosting emotional wellbeing.  Let me know if you would like me to make up a bespoke bottle for you.

Of course homeopathic remedies have been indispensable for me and my family at this time and will do if any of us succumb to a cough, fever or cold. 

Mental wellbeing 

Now more than ever we need to protect our emotional state.  There is so much fear and anxiety around, this is normal when times are so uncertain, you are not alone in feeling like this.  

I feel like we are all feeding off each others unease which just heightens the situation but there are things we can do to help us feel calm and in control.

It is easy to fall into a pattern of worrying about things outside of our control, I have been there too. Writing a list of things that are within our power will help us feel more in command of our situation. For example  things that I am in control of are “the food I eat, what I watch, who I talk to, how I spend my free time”.

Be choosy about how much news you consume especially before you go to bed.  This is when our mind and body needs rest and recuperation.

It is also important to protect our children from upsetting images and scenes on the news, these can sit with them for years to come and cause lasting anxiety.  

I have consciously taken a step back from Facebook and watching too much news and yet still have managed to stay up to date!

Grounding ourselves through meditation and yoga and positive affirmations can help take us out of a fear state.  There are plenty of online yoga and mediation videos and apps and lots aimed at children too.  I’m looking forward to doing yoga with my boys in the coming weeks! 

Surrounding ourselves with positive people where possible is a must and helping the more vulnerable in our community can change our focus to helping rather than feeling hopeless. Can you band together with neighbours to provide a support network?

Connection is so important and one of the main things that is saddening me right now is the thought of loosing connection with loved ones. It’s a basic human need to want to nurture others and feel nurtured through hugs and gatherings, meeting up with friends and family.

Maybe we will find new ways to connect and I think we will need to for the sake of everyones mental health and wellbeing. I am already looking forward to returning to normality where hugging a friend or loved one is seen as an expression of love and does not evoke fear.

If you feel that you need a bit of extra support at this time then I will be happy to help you, just email me to book a consult. There are homeopathic remedies for not only coughs, colds and fevers but also if you are feeling particularly fearful and out of control homeopathy can help greatly.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones xx