Did you know that, like our gut, our hands contain a delicate microbiome of bacteria designed to keep us strong and healthy?

Sanitiser microbiome

Dangers of sanitiser

Everywhere we go currently it seems we are being asked to ‘sanitise’ our hands if we or our children want entry; shops, schools, nurseries, dentists, sports clubs and hairdressers and restaurants too.  

In wiping out the ‘bad’ bacteria we are also wiping out the good bacteria which is designed to keep our immune systems strong.  

Right now and in the months to come we need to be in the best position possible to fight off virus’s and we may be wiping out beneficial bacteria just when we need it. 

There are many studies that show just how bad these sanitisers are for our health and even some that show they increase our risk of allergies. Those containing triclosan are particularly bad for you, how do we know the ingredients of those in sanitising stations?  

Washing with soap and water is so much better than using these sanitisers and if you are in a situation where you don’t have access to soap and water I would urge you to consider a more natural option. My son bring a Neals Yard Organic sanitiser to his nursery which contains essential oils rather than chemicals. 

Now don’t get me wrong, cleanliness is super important and in my early 20’s I used to be the queen of anti-bac’ing mine and my friends hands – my friends would often joke about it! 

But since beginning to study Homeopathy 11 years ago I realised that we often just accept what we are told as being good for us without questioning it.  I now research everything that goes on and in mine and especially my kids bodies. 

Additionally often the chemicals that these sanitisers contain disrupt the endocrine system i.e. have a negative impact on your hormonal health!

In introducing all these sanitising stations we are hugely negatively affecting our natural immune systems right when we need them most.  

Hand washing is really important in helping fight off illness, but if you are out and about please consider an essential oil or failing that a chemical free alcohol based sanitiser to keep your immune system strong.

Below are some links to articles and studies showing the negative effects sanitisers can have on our health.

Helen xx

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Featured image Dylan Morang on Unsplash