One of the main reasons people seek Homeopathic treatment with me is for anxiety, and it is no wonder in the current climate with so much uncertainty around that anxiety is on the rise.  

Firstly it is important to know your triggers and write a list of all of the things that set off your anxiety, for example:

– Watching the news
– Time on social media (especially before bed)
– Being late for meetings
– Coffee dates with your ‘friend’ who you can’t be yourself with

Your list may differ to mine but you get my drift, the next step is to know what brings you a sense of calm, for example:

– Epsom salt baths
– Listening to music really loudly
– Dancing in the kitchen
– Going for a walk in the woods
– Meditation
– Connecting with like minded friends

This is a really useful exercise as it gets you to stop and think about what it is that is triggering your anxiety so that you can try to avoid those situations.  You can then refer to your list of all the things that make you calmer and go and do one of those things! 

We can’t always control what is going on in the external but we can exert some control over our reactions and what we spend our time doing.  

Focussing on what makes us happy will help bring you into your parasympathetic nervous system and out of the exhausting fight or flight reactions. 

What else can you do?

Medications such as the Pill and antidepressants strip essential nutrients such a B Vitamins, Zinc and Magnesium from our bodies, B vitamins have a very calming effect on the nervous system. 

Magnesium is also very calming and unfortunately the soils in which our food is grown are so depleted in Magnesium compared to 60 years ago we really do need to supplement it.  Making sure we are getting the right nutrients from our food really can help and where this is not possible supplementation is essential. 

Of course anxiety is not just linked to nutrition, there are many triggers such as being under excessive stress, childhood trauma, hormonal imbalances, chronic lack of sleep, history of long use of contraceptives, post natal hormone changes, history of lots of antibiotic use which strips our good gut flora which in turn impacts our mood.  In Homeopathy we look for the root cause of what has triggered your anxiety with the aim of getting you back into a state of being able to deal with life’s ups and downs in a more balanced way. 

Homeopathy is wonderful at getting to the core of why your body is out of balance but there are some simple changes that we can incorporate into our daily lives help us get back into homeostasis.  

I hope the above exercise and simple nutrition tips help, if you need any support with deeper anxiety issues just get in touch. 

Helen xx