Testimonial for my summer hayfever support programme:

“The programme you did for X worked perfectly. Within 4 days the symptoms went and she has been fine ever since!! I honestly couldn’t believe how well the treatment worked. I know you mentioned the winter prep treatment so I would be really interested in that”.

Fits of sneezing, red, itchy or streaming eyes, never ending mucus, itchy mouth, blocked nose, wheeziness and fatigue.  I feel for you hayfever sufferers as these symptoms are all too common at the moment with hayfever season in full swing.  

Many take over the counter anti-histamines and this will keep the worst of your symptoms at bay.  Whilst others are finding that the drugs just don’t work any more.  

Some of you are saying that you don’t want to rely on pharmaceuticals too much due to the effect on the liver and because these meds are only masking symptoms rather than getting to the root cause of the problem.  

The cycle just continues when we don’t address the underlying issue. 

If you are finding you want to get to the root cause of your hayfever then I offer both a summer and winter hayfever programme. 

As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, which is why many opt for working with me during the cooler months on my winter hayfever prevention programme. 

However if you are in the midst of hayfever hell and want some natural support now with your symptoms then I do offer a summer hayfever protocol.

There are remedies to take every day for 20 days to help address the underlying cause of your over reactive immune system.  

The programme helps to strengthen your constitution and immunity, de-sensitise you to pollen and grasses and calm your histamine reaction.

There are remedies to help if you do have an acute flare up of symptoms and remedies to support your liver and adrenals.  

Plus a bottle of organic Homeobotanical herbal drops which help address your allergies and boost energy levels. 


“Since working with Helen, the seasonal hay-fever symptoms I had suffered since childhood dramatically reduced, even on days with a very high pollen count”. 

Self help tips for hayfever

For mild symptoms you could try some of the below, these can also be used alongside the hay-fever programme which helps get to the root cause of your seasonal allergies 🙂

  1. A spoon full of local honey a day 
  2. A natural nasal spray such as Pollinosan or Lufeel 
  3. A daily anti-oxidant containing Quercetin 
  4. Natural eye drops such as Similisan or A Vogel 
  5. Dr Schuessler combination H tissue salts 
  6. Taking a shower as soon as you can after being outside or simply washing your hands and face
  7. A more rigorous bed sheet washing routine to wash away any pollen which may have come off your skin and hair

Email me if you would like to find out more or book in for a consult for my summer hayfever programme.  Normal consultation fees apply and the organic herbal blend is an additional extra and last around 6 weeks.

Winter hay-fever prevention 

The autumn and winter is a great time to be proactive and undertake the hayfever prevention programme.  This will give you the best chance of starting the season with minimal symptoms rather than firefighting in the season.  Depending on the severity of your symptoms you may need two or three rounds of remedies in the autumn and winter. 

Helen x