Some lovely comments from clients:

“I have been working with Helen for 5-6 months after I came off the pill and struggled to have consistent monthly periods.  I had been to the doctors/gynaecologist many times and I was just fobbed off and given the excuse that “oh you’ve come off the pill, these things take time” Not 3 1/2 years they don’t. Helen is understanding and amazing, my periods have started to come back more consistent and regular and my hormones are the most balanced they have ever been.  I can not recommend Helen enough, I am so pleased I got in touch”.

“I am feeling happier!! That black cloud has gone and I seem to be starting to enjoy motherhood and am definitely getting into the swing of things now. I am sleeping much better and my heart palpitations have gone.”

“Loving the Botanical’s, I have been waking up with so much more energy.  Every day feels like a Saturday”.

“…you did such a fantastic job helping me recover from post natal depression, I feel 100% better and back to my true self”.

“I’ve seen Helen every 4-6 weeks…she has adjusted the remedies, if required, as things have improved. I cannot believe the difference, I really didn’t think it would be such an improvement, so quickly. I’m starting to feel like I have got “myself” back again and I wasn’t sure that was going to happen. That’s taken four months. I so wish I had done it [consult a Homeopath] sooner”.

“I contacted Helen after being recommended by a friend. After visiting India in 2006 I picked up a parasite which resulted in me suffering from a number of complaints including persistent Cystitis, IBS and Vulvodyina. The Cystitis episodes in particular had a massive effect on the quality of my life and meant that I was constantly put on antibiotics by my doctor. It was a debilitating condition and was really getting me down. I have been seeing Helen for about 6 months and since I have been taking the remedies I have not had any episodes of Cystitis which is an absolute miracle. I have seen countless specialists and tried many different treatments and have never had such amazing results. I have also seen an improvement in my IBS and Vulvodynia symptoms. I would thoroughly recommend Helen to anyone”.

“After I stopped taking the contraceptive pill I suffered from many problems such as anxiety, irregular periods, headaches, severe PMS and stomach problems during my periods. My GP ran out of solutions but Helen helped to ease all of these symptoms and completely cured the anxiety, headaches and PMS. This has been amazing and left me feeling more balanced and happy than ever. The remedies have had a huge impact and I won’t hesitate to return to Helen for anything in the future”

“I was experiencing unpleasant and unsettling mood swings in relation to my periods and hormones. On the lead up to my time of the month I exhibited mood swings, PMT and also break outs of spots on my chin, every month in the same area.

I approached Helen who recommend homeopathic remedies. After 1 month I was left feeling noticeably calmer with the ability to regulate my emotions better. My skin also showed improvement.

When I went to see Helen initially I was very emotional but she listened patiently and seemed genuinely interested in finding a bespoke remedy to meet my needs.

I would thoroughly recommend trying homeopathic remedies and Helen as a person with her wealth of knowledge in the area.”

“My son had conjunctivitis that was really persistent, despite all my efforts to find the right treatment.  I consulted Helen and she suggested a remedy that healed things up really quickly, which was such a relief for me and my son”

“I was badly suffering from alopecia areata. It was so intense and recurrent that I could see bald patches all around my head, one after another. I was so worried about my look that I kept my head shaved and used cap when I went to the office and the public places.

I went to my GP and he said, “There is nothing that I can do about it!” While searching for a homeopath I met Helen. Helen took my case very professionally. In first consultation we had a detailed discussion about my problems, when and how it started, including my nature and my childhood. Soon, she came up with remedies.

From the first consultation onwards, I started feeling better in my overall energy. In the second and third consolation I could observe no further formation of any patches and the growth of little hairs. In the fourth consultation there was a great improvement and she said, “You don’t need any further remedies.” Overall, in three to four months, all the patches were covered with normally grown hairs.”