Are you ready to commit to a healthy happier you? A lot of people that walk into my consulting room for the first time are unsure of what to expect from a homeopathic consultation so I thought it would be useful to write a blog explaining the process step by step.

What to expect from a consultation with me

The initial consultation lasts up to an hour and a half, here I will go through your presenting symptoms and how these affect you, full medical history and family medical history.  The aim is to really focus on you as an individual in order to select the right remedy for you. It is best to be open and honest about your health symptoms and expectations so that you can get the most out of homeopathic treatment. shutterstock_282364727

Usually I will analyse your case for a couple of days and do some further research in order to come up with the right treatment plan for you. You will then be sent homeopathic remedies, which are mostly prescribed in tablet form. These differ from conventional medicine in that we only use small doses in order to kick start your body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

Follow up consultations

After your consultation we will book you in for your follow up appointment about 4 weeks later.  Here we will discuss if there have been any changes in your symptoms and decide whether to keep you on the same remedy or make a change. It is important to commit to at least three appointments as more often than not you have been suffering from your ailment for a number of years so it is vital to realise that it can take a few prescriptions to get you back to good health.  A good rule of thumb is to think about how many years you have been suffering with your ailment and realise that it may take as many appointments to see genuine change.

What to expect after taking the remedies

Each persons reaction to homeopathic remedies will differ. Some will find significant amelioration of their symptoms after a few days, others will find gradual improvement over a few weeks.  Some people may find they experience a brief intensification of their symptoms which can last for a few days and then improvement follows.

The key is to stay in contact with me after you have taken the remedies so that we can assess the effectiveness of them and decide whether we need to change track or not.

Is homeopathy right for you? 

If you are committed to working with me in improving your health in a natural way then yes!  It is important to bear in mind that healing is a process and journey that we have to undertake and not a single event. I will be there to support you through your health goals both in consultations and where necessary I provide phone or email support between appointments too.