It’s the summer and many of us are jetting off on our holidays, so what better time to write a blog post about remedies you can use whilst on your travels.  Whether you suffer from jet lag, holiday tummy or want to find out more about what to have on hand for bites and stings then this list is for you. Of course these remedies are not just useful in summer, but for anytime you travel.

All of these remedies can be found in the Homeopathic First Aid Kits which can be bought from Homeopathic pharmacies.  I find these kits invaluable and pretty much bring them everywhere with me in my handbag in case of bumps, falls and accidents whilst out with my children. These remedies can also be bought singly from health food stores and some larger stockists too.

Anxiety and fear of traveling

A huge amount of us hate to travel by air, but there is a natural solution. If you feel anxiety around traveling by aeroplane try one of these remedies, differentiate which to take by your unique symptoms. Dosage – 1x 30c pill before departure, then 1x every few hours during flight and stop on improvement of symptoms.

Aconite – Number 1 remedy for any kind of acute fear or panic state.  If you worry there will be an accident or you will die during a flight, then this is the remedy for you!

Argent nit – Much apprehension around flying, fidgety, restless, fear of heights and claustrophobia all point to this remedy.

Gelsemium – Quiet anxiety accompanied by diarrhoea, feeling week and trembly.

Jet lag

Crossing time zones is no fun at all and wouldn’t it be nice to have a natural remedy to help your body to adapt more quickly? Choose your remedy based on your unique symptoms below, dosage 1x 30c pill every 3-4 hours during the journey.

Arnica – This all round great remedy can help you if you are feeling a fuzzy headed and have stiff aching muscles after a flight.

Cocculus – Do you feel as if you have vertigo, disorientated, tired and wired but can’t sleep? If yes then this is a fantastic remedy to try.

Nux vomica – Feeling like you are hungover after your flight? If you are tired, chilly, irritable and nauseous then try this remedy.

Motion sickness

I remember suffering terribly with motion sickness as a child (my poor mum!), if only we had known about these natural solutions back then. Dosage – 1x 30c pill before departure, then 1x every few hours during journey and stop on improvement of symptoms.

Cocculus – A top remedy for travel sickness, symptoms include nausea, vomiting and dizziness.

Ipecac – Very pale, lots of salivation and persistent nausea with or without vomiting.

Nux vomica – Sickness that feels like you have a terrible hangover! Desire to vomit but it will not come out!

Remedies for illness during your holidays


This is no fun, especially for children, I remember being so badly burnt on my legs as a child that I couldn’t sit down for days. Often even if we are careful with suncream, covering up with long light layers and staying out of the midday sun we can still end up with sunburn. Below are some useful remedies, but remember if you do get burnt to drink plenty of fluids so that you do not end up dehydrated. I find this natural Neals Yard Remedies after sun great for sunburn. Dosage – 1x 30c pill every 2 hours and stop on improvement.

Cantharis – A great remedy for burns, there may be blistering of the skin too.

Urtica urens – Mild sunburn which is itchy or an allergic reaction to the sun in the form of prickly heat.

Sickness and diarrhoea (D&V)

Lets face it, we have all eaten something we shouldn’t have when on holiday or simply been unlucky enough to catch a sickness bug whilst abroad.  Below are a list of remedies which can help in this situation along with lots of sips of water or coconut water (to replace lost electrolytes). Dosage – 1x 30c pill every 2 hours and stop on improvement.

Arsen alb – Choose this remedy if you have eaten food that was ‘off’ and you now have diarrhoea.  You will be thirsty for small sips of water and feel exhausted and restless.

Carbo veg – Diarrhoea due to overindulgence, stomach is now gassy, rumbling and bloated. Belching and passing offensive wind temporarily relieves symptoms!

China – A great remedy to use alongside other indicated remedies and where there has been fluid loss. Helps restore fluid levels after diarrhoea or vomiting, especially useful if you cannot keep water down.

Ipecac – Constant nausea with lots of vomiting, hot and cold sweats. If diarrhoea is present then it will be green and frothy.

Nux vomica – Vomiting caused by too much alcohol or overeating, a great hangover remedy. Nausea is made better by vomiting.

Bites and stings

We can avoid getting stung to a certain degree by using natural insect repellents such as this one, wearing long layers and not wearing strong perfume. But if you do get stung then these remedies can help, obviously seek medical attention when appropriate. Dosage – 1x 30c pill every hour and stop on improvement.

Apis – Really useful for wasp and bee stings where they have swollen up and are red and hot. The pain is better for cold applications and worse by warmth.

Ledum – Good for puncture wounds and stings. The pain may be prickling, stinging and red and swollen.

Urtica urens – A Good remedy to use if you have had an allergic reaction to bites and stings. The pain will feel hot, burning and stinging.

I hope that list helps you to have happy travels x