It has been over a year now of lockdowns in one guise or another and life has changed beyond recognition.  

Whether you have been personally affected by the COVID pandemic or by the tolls that lockdowns create; not seeing family, friends and colleagues, homeschooling, lack of support network, feeling isolated. 

It’s been a huge strain on mental as well as physical health and the result for many is fatigue, anxiety and burnout. 

We are all so tired and just want it to be over and for life to return to how it was. To not have to worry about what the future holds for our children or about worry our mental or physical health. And dare I say it, not have to give up basic freedoms in order to ‘win’ our freedoms back?

From conversations with my clients I know fatigue and anxiety are huge at the moment, people are finding it hard to muster up any energy or find much joy.

There are feelings of hopelessness, grief, fear, anger and exhaustion. 

Not being able to plan and think about the future is difficult and the grief most people I talk to isn’t about bereavement but what we have lost personally in terms of time with loved ones, doing things we enjoy or what we have lost as a society.  

And grief over the future we thought our children had panned out for them, the carefree childhood, the time with friends and family, normal schooling.  The list goes on. 

Who knew this time last year that mental health would take such a big hit? And not only is it the mental health of adults but of our precious children too. 

Lack of motivation and trouble sleeping are prevalent and it’s no wonder as there seems to be so much change and constant information overload to deal with on a daily basis which is hugely mentally taxing. 

It can be hard to muster up the energy to look after yourself, but really this needs to be the number one priority now. Not only so you can build a strong immune system, but also because you need to be mentally strong to get though these challenging times. 

Self care needs to be top of the list so that you can feel good and vibrant and in turn have more energy for your loved ones too.

Homeopathically I have been helping people deal with these emotions and the impact on mental health. Not only by providing an empathetic ear, but with individualised remedies to help bring a sense of calm and balance.  

Burnout isn’t the only thing I’m noticing, there seems to be more people with skin breakouts, PMS, sleep problems, achy joints and irregular periods too. These can all be linked back to increased stress levels and increased toxins  from food or conventional medications in the system. 

I have also been prescribing some lovely calming Homeobotanical herbal drops* which I have been making up for people to take daily. There are many blends but some of the most popular have been:

  • Serena which helps calm the mind; 
  • Spectra which helps to ground and balance;
  • Dynama which is an adrenal tonic helping those who have been fatigued for a long time;  
  • Plus some detox blends to help support the organs of the body which may have recently received a big toxic load. 

You don’t have to make huge changes to your life to feel an impact on your wellbeing, just changing one or two things and sticking with them will make a big difference. 

Some small changes you could incorporate:

  • Get outside to enjoy the fresh air daily
  • Eat nourishing foods, or cook from scratch more often
  • Turn off your phone for a few hours each day
  • Journal about your feelings 
  • Turn off the news, you really don’t need it in your life! 
  • Have an epsom salt bath
  • Meditation or slow calm breathing for 5 minutes per day
  • Prioritise sleep and no phones in the bedroom  

If you are feeling fatigued, anxious and low please do reach out for support from a loved one, a professional or I am here for holistic homeopathic support. 

I truly believe better days are coming and now is the time to start to put yourself and your health first and to incorporate the things you love into each day.

*Homeobotanical blends are made up as an addition to your homeopathic prescription.